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Tinted glass

On the way to training today, I looked up into the skies from the bus through those tinted glass and just felt that it hit me.

Like how we are all so fearful of living our days just solely in God's hands and where He takes us, putting aside education/qualification, saving money, saving food and water, etc. But just going wherever He takes us and having faith that He would provide.

I can't say much for all but I see many people, (mainly referring to Christians) living everyday planning and saving; which in this case means your faith is not entirely in Him but you trust that you are capable of surviving without him, playing safe and living life behind tinted glass. (Don't get me wrong, this is just an observation I realised not saying that I do not try to live like that) 

I clearly remember what Pastor Yong said, that the biggest actors are from church. In this case Actors = Hypocrites. And that many know the word of God and preach it but do not live it. 

I could just keep staring


I remember I have once read somewhere or that someone once told me,
that sometimes he/she sits down and looks up into the skies and just felt that He, was smiling down at us. 

I have never really sat down and realize that it does happen to me, and just imagining it puts a whole lot of comfort in me. It's like to say all is at ease, the world pauses at His dispense, the joy and peace you do not realize was possible within the chaotic walls we live within. And surprisingly my day throughout today was like this. I never felt calmer than before, joyfully loved and in love. 



I'm awake now at this unusually hour, trying to contain everything that is running through inside of me. It was either the caffeine and shower or that maybe for some really unreasonable reason I may just be slightly frightened by the fact that how I am feeling right now would be lost when I go to bed and wake up later in the afternoon.

I mean I do not really have anyone in mind right now to talk about it and sharing it with, but this feeling right now is so great that I have so much to thank for, so much to be happy and grateful for and that I am so driven right now, with my mind and heart racing so hard and ever so ready to start my life with God.

I had lost so much in me before and since I found Him, I searched and today found myself looking further than I ever had and you know for the first time in the longest time, or even ever at all, I feel like there IS faith in me in achieveing something good. I have so much faith in me right now on the things I never thought I'd ever be considered, like my studies. And for the longest time I have felt like being in ITE for 3 years when my own family feels like it's the worst place I could be, I see it now as a "narrow road" (as Ps Yong would say) and I am ready to embrace it!

I couldn't be happier right now, and I thank God for it.

Life in extraordinary waves

I want to expierence life in extraordinary waves,
both inside and out of the veneered bubble,
through icy storms and lava burning coals,
from the deepest of the sea and the highest of the sky;
while at the same time be the salt and light of life.

Money matters

As of today, I hate money. I hate it's ability, I hate how manipulative it can be. I hate the temptations and things that lead to regrets. I hate how it can be used to provoke, calm, challenge, solve, get away, conquer and just things people can do just to get hold of it. I hate it's power

I can

" Only as high as I can reach can I grow, only as far as I can seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see and only as much as I dream I can be. " - Karon Ravn

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